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Weather and Climate

Why weather and climate on TNT-media? It is one of the most dicussed topics. More and more it affects our daily lifes and we are starting to experience what we have been wondering and talking about for some time.

Knowing about the climate can help us in many ways - what, when and how to plant plants, how to design sustainable and comfortable houses or to plan for or even prevent a possible climate change.
That's the reason why TNT-media has dedicated this section to weather and climate. One of the best climates to live is Queensland, have a look at this property at Agnes Water, 1770:

Climate & Weather: what's the difference?

There is a variety of ways to explain the difference.
Here are a few that may shed some light:

Climate is what you expect; Weather is what you get.

Climate is about long-term records, trends and averages; Weather is the day to day experience.

Climate is the sum or synthesis of all the weather recorded over a long period of time. It tells us the average or most common conditions, or extremes, or counts of events, or frequencies. Weather is a description of conditions over a short period of time - a "snap shot" of the atmosphere at a particular time.

If weather is the watch then climate is the calendar.

Climate Education Links to the Bureau of Meteorology Australia website

Climate of the 20th Century: Major Australian climate events of the 20th Century.

Climate of Australia: Climate zones, averages, variability and maps.

Climate Change: Long-term climate trends in Australia.

Climate and People: How climate influences the urban environment, health and sport.

Monitoring and Prediction: Indicators of El Niņo, current climate analyses, drought monitoring, seasonal climate prediction.

Students and Teachers: Units of work, experiments school projects, brochures, web pages etc.

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